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Little League

Connecting Iowa Youth With Quality Programs 


Our Mission Statement is "To promote and sponsor youth organizations and activities in local communities.

All kids in the Dubuque area should have access to activities outside of school hours, regardless of their skill level, financial situation, background, or physical/intellectual ability. This is accomplished in 4 fashions. First off, having access to a scholarship program that allows youth the opportunity to participate in an activity they may otherwise not have financial means to be a part of. Secondly, supporting local sport and recreation activities offered by ensuring they are best promoted in the community, and have adequate access to space and fields. Third, offering financial support in the form of equipment donations or player sponsorships to programs to ensure minimal cost is passed down to the player-level. And lastly, connecting kids with intellectual and physical disabilities to programs that they can enjoy, be active, and make new friends in a social environment.

Pink Soccer Ball
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