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Offside Sports Complex

We converted the former Dubuque Driving Range into a soccer complex!

It is very difficult to find flat acreage in Dubuque, especially land near downtown Dubuque. It is our goal to give local non-profits low-cost and guaranteed access to sports fields, ensuring they are around for decades to come.

In partnership with such organizations, we also look to host significantly discounted programming geared specifically for lower-income families of downtown Dubuque. Soon, in partnership with AYSO, we will be launching new programming that will offer programming to communities that have lacked access to quality programs in the past, and at little to no cost. Coordinated transportation (including a chaperoned bike ride via Heritage Trail) are all in the plans. Kids of any ability or financial situation will have safe access to the facility, participate in group activities, participate in a scrimmage game, and maybe get a sandwich or treat before they head home.

Field Layout Website.jpg

Above you will see our preliminary plans for our new facility. We expect fields 1 through 3 to be in operation Summer 2023.

As part of our Capital Campaign, we intend to expand our parking lot, plan out flood mitigation, and improve the existing outdoor lighting. 

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